More than a Tanker Truck

DOT’s complete water tanker systems are designed to reduce dust or flush debris from roadways.

DOT’s heavy duty fuel tankers are available for all applications. Most fuel tankers are designed for off-road fueling of construction equipment, but the same heavy duty features are built-in to all fuel tankers.

DOT Fuel Tank Features
Fast fill
Ground Fill/Vapor Recovery
Metered dispensing

Choice of Pump Drives

  • Engine driven

  • PTO/Driveline

  • PTO/Hydraulic drive

  • Hydrostatic Drive

  • Pump performance/capabilities up to 650 GPM @ 70 PSI

Component Features

  • Flusher Heads – available front and midship

  • Spray Heads – Available front, midship, and rear

  • Spray Bar

  • Water Cannons – remote and manual control

  • Water Discharge Hose Reels

  • 3-Way-Piping – for suction fill. All functions controlled
    from chassis cab with operator control panel.

Water Tanker Details


1,000 Gallons to 5,000 Gallons

Tank Construction

Tank shell and components consist of ASTM A607, Grade 50, High Strength, Low Alloy Steel; completely flanged and dished heads and baffles; baffle openings completely reinforced; wrapper minimum .1793 provides total floor thickness of 5/16 ” or better.

Tank Components Standard/Optional

Tubular steel ladder installed front or rear; internal steel overflow pipe; minimum 16″ manhole with 10″ vented fill; sight level tube; ground fill; hose storage tubes; exclusive spring mount tie down assembly.

Prep & Paint

Interior shot blasted; epoxy rust inhibitor; exterior pre-washed, epoxy primer, (2) coats baked enamel finish; lighting DOT FMVSS-108

Drive System

Engine, gas or diesel, PTO/drive-line direct; PTO hydraulic; hydrostatic drive from front mount crankshaft.

Pump & Piping

Centrifugal pumps from 2″ to 5″; 100 to 750 GPM; 30 – 85 PSI; hard piping steel sched. 40 pipe and hard suction hose; discharge/suction piping capabilities; stainless steel suction strainer; exclusive “Main Valve” air operated.


Spray heads; flushers; spray bar; water cannon; hose reel.

Control Group

Operator control panel; control switches for individual discharge functions; low water level light; hydraulic and water pressure gauges.

Water Distributors/Fire Tankers

DOT will design and furnish a customized unit to your specifications, including units for fighting fires, potable water distribution and transportation of non-flammable liquids.